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Verify is the fastest way to collect and analyze user feedback on screens or mockups via design surveys.

See where people click, what they remember, or how they feel.


Use DataTo Make Better Design Decisions

Collect data that informs your design decisions.


Get Buy-in

Verify helps your team make decisions faster by giving you accurate data to inform your decisions.


Back Up Your Assumptions

Back up your assumptions about your users, and make decisions that will improve their interactions with your site.


Discover New Insights

Verify helps you discover new things about your users, which means you'll know them better and design better products for them.

Design Surveys are super easy to create and share

It's easy to get started with Verify!


Start surveying in minutes

Use a simple, standardized test wizard to make sure tests provide value feedback from users.

Easy Setup

Simply upload your mockups.

Personalized Instructions

Give your audience simple instructions with a personalized message.

Simple Privacy

You can make your surveys private and only share it with a unique link, or share the link publicly.


Customize your surveys

Upload your logo and use your own voice with your users.


Share your test with a large network

Share your test with a unique link, use our large network of Enroll testers, and view results in real-time.

Eight Ways To Survey your Designs

With so many tools at your disposal, you'll never have to guess what your users are thinking.

  • 1 Preference Test
  • 2 Yes/No Test
  • 3 Click Test
  • 4 Multiclick Test
  • 5 Memory Test
  • 6 Annotate Test
  • 7 Mood Test
  • 8 Label Test

Preference Test

Which of two options do users prefer? Show two screenshots and let users pick - then state why they picked it.

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Yes/No Test

Do people click where you need them to? Define the correct areas and see what percentage click on them.

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Click Test

Where do users click on a screenshot, based on your instructions? This is a quick, simple test.

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Multiclick Test

Where do users click on a screenshot, based on your instructions? Link several click tests together with this quick, simple test.

View Example
end .content

Memory Test

What do users remember about a screen after 5 1/2 seconds? See if they remember what you expect them to.

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Annotate Test

What do users think of a screen? Let users add free-form notes to a screenshot to provide feedback.

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Mood Test

How does a screenshot make users feel? See if your screenshot provokes the best emotional response.

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Label Test

Concerned about understanding of certain elements? Ask users to label elements you select with this test.

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Instant, Controlled Results

You don't have to wait until the test is complete to get the data you need.

Collect Demographics

Tests can only be taken once, and you get full control over when to pause or preview your test.

Testers on Standby

Tests are easy to take, and if you don't have anyone to test your product, just select your audience from our pool of testers.

Real-time Results

View and sort results in real-time by location, raw data, summary, demographics, against a control.

Customize And Share Actionable Reports

Drive your team to action with customizable reports.

  • Get actionable reports

    Get great-looking actionable reports and easily share them with your team.

  • Customize your reports

    Get multivariate, demographic, and raw data.

  • Filter by demographics

    Filter your reports down to only the information you need.

  • Multivariate testing

    Filter your reports down to only the information you need.

  • Download your data

    Summary, demographic and raw data can be downloaded as a pdf and excel file.

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